Bitcoin Casino Bonuses- Part 1

With the introduction of bitcoin to the gambling industry, a lot has transformed. Players are now more excited about latest advancements in the online gambling than they ever were. Also, the quality and the quantity of choices that online bitcoin casinos offer to the sports’ betting fanatics are comparatively massive. You name a game and you probably find it on almost every gambling website. With over 350+ games, prominent casinos such as Anonymous Casino also offer deposit and joining bonuses. That list is only going to get bigger, because the online casinos keep adding new games and benefits for the players.

Flexibility of payment methods

No wonder the online gambling industry is growing faster than the expected rate, owing to its expansions in the realms of real-money betting. The most successful online casinos offer multi-currency and a flexibility of different payment methods to its players. Multi-currency casinos are those that accept a different payment methods ranging from the traditional bank transfers to debit/credit card payments to the latest crypto currencies (bitcoin and litecoin). The benefits of online casinos do not only limit to providing numerous payment options, they also break the barriers between crypto currency players and real-money bettors. Hence, Bitcoin casinos accepting real-money payments are ‘must-visit’ territories among many in the gambling community. Also, multi-currency casinos contribute a major portion in the success of acknowledging Bitcoin as the mainstream currency of the community.